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We're currently looking for volunteers to help us turn our patch of neglected, abandoned land into a beautiful sanctuary for people and wildlife alike. If you can wield a spade, pair of shears. are just happy to get stuck in and available on the weekends, you sound like our sort of person!


Alternatively, if you have any other skills that might prove useful, get in touch here, and introduce yourself.

We can't wait to meet you!


We're currently looking for donations of: 

- Toilet rolls

- Egg boxes

- Non-shiny, cardboard boxes, free of labels and tape. Especially corrugated cardboard.

- Bed frames

- Pallets

- Tools and/or garden equipment

- MDPE (water pipe) and guttering

- Rope or string

- Garden ornaments

If you have any of these things, let us know. You can either drop off at the community garden or we may be able to collect larger donations locally.

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